How to add ‘Facebook LIKE’ button to website content

September 22, 2010 Iyngaran Iyathurai 0

Facebook introduced more social interactions with their new “Like” or “Recommend” Button. This Facebook button enables the user to interact with a site or page. Additionally share it with his/her friends at their own Facebook profile. Well, Facebook does made it pretty easy to Implement the “Like” button code on your site. The complexity comes when it is not a single page website. How about a blog Post? This is where you will need this […]

Setup FTP Server on Ubuntu Linux Server

September 13, 2010 Iyngaran Iyathurai 58

Open a terminal window. A File Transfer Protocol (FTP) server allows users to upload and download files to a server using the FTP protocol. FTP is useful because it is cross platform and faster than HTTP for large files. It also allows a far wider range of transfer commands, including batch transfers and transfers optimized for either ASCII or binary files. Ubuntu is a very popular distribution of the Linux operating system. Ubuntu is available […]