Laravel SMS gateway

March 18, 2019 Iyngaran Iyathurai 1

It is a Laravel package which will serve as gateway to send SMS through various providers. It supports multiple sms gateways, and easily extendable to support new gateways. Installing the SMS gateway After install follow one of these steps: Run the command php artisan vendor:publish to publish the extension. It will also copy the sms_gateway.php into the config folder of your laravel application. If the sms_gateway.php file does not exists in your application config folder, just copy the entire file and […]

How to integrate Sendgrid with Zend framework

March 18, 2019 Iyngaran Iyathurai 0

Install send-grid transport using the following command. After install follow one of these steps: Copy the contents file vendor/iyngaran/send-grid-transport/ and put it in your config/autoload/ If this file does not exists in your application, just copy the entire file and place into your config/autoload removing the .dist extension. Then add your SendGrid API Key. To get your API Key, please visit And also add the test email from-email address, name and to-email address, name. After all, you must register SendGridTransport module in your config/modules.config.php. […]

Build Multi-lingual application with the Zend Framework

October 21, 2017 Iyngaran Iyathurai 0

We can not imagine a modern web application without a multi language support. I will show you how easy it is to setup usage of multiple languages in Zend Framework and how to setup some basic language routes (handy for SEO stuff). The Zend Framework offers many ways for you to store your translated strings. It could be an array, a CSV or XML file or you could use gettext which we will be using […]

Configure PHP Remote Debugging in Vagrant box with Xdebug and PhpStorm

July 8, 2017 Iyngaran Iyathurai 0

Note: This article concerns PHP 7.0,PhpStorm 2017.2 (EAP) and Vagrant box bento/centos-7.2. Step1: Install Xdebug on your Vagrant virtual machine You need to have Xdebug installed on your virtual machine to benefit from its services.

Then, we need configure it: We need enable the remote debug and add IDEKEY on XDEBUG. To do that, we need modify the php-xdebug configuration file (xdebug.ini). Lets modify the php-xdebug configuration file

And the following lines at […]

Speed Up Your Site – Web Site Optimization

February 14, 2011 Iyngaran Iyathurai 0

The load time of websites is one of the most important factors affecting its usability; most Internet users will just skip a site altogether if it fails to load within a couple of seconds. Slow-loading websites are one of the main reasons that visitors may leave a site. As a result, it is important to ensure that your website is fast and regularly make improvements as content changes. The content should make up the majority […]