Creating & Running Cron in Magento 2 Custom Module

This article shows how to create and run cronjob in a custom module in Magento 2.

Here, we will focus on creating / setting up / running cron for a custom Magento 2 module.

Let us suppose, we are developing a custom module named Iyngaran_DemoModule (app/code/Iyngaran/DemoModule). To define the cron settings for your custom module, you need to write the following code in app/code/Iyngaran/DemoModule/etc/crontab.xml.


As you can see from above code, we have defined to run the execute method of class Demo (app/code/Iyngaran/DemoModule/Cron/Demo.php) every hour when the cronjob is run in the server. The group id is set as “default”. You can give it your custom name as well.

Here’s the basic content:

Here is our class file. We will just log some text to test if the cron is working properly. The log text is saved in var/log/debug.log.


You can manually run cron from terminal/command line with the following command:

Run all cron jobs

If it doesn’t work (doesn’t create any entries in cron_schedule table) then try flushing cache first:

After you run the above command, you can check your database table named cron_schedule. This table has fields like job_code, status, messages, created_at, scheduled_at, executed_at, etc. So, by looking into this table, you can know about the status of all the cron jobs.

Hope this helps.


  1. Setting up cron job helps to let the user know about the deals and discounts, instead of sending emails manually, I was trying to setup cron job in Magento 2, Your post helped me a lot and here’ another post that helped in its configuration,, Hope it will help your readers as well.

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