How to clear the Qmail Queue (clean & delete it quickly) – Forcefully clearing the qmail queue

Is your qmail queue on your server out of control? Look no further! Here’s a quick and easy way to clear, clean, or empty your qmail queue.

Clear & Clean Qmail Queue Completely, Safely & Fast!

This method only removes the messages from the queue, and nothing else is lost.

First of all check the number of messages from the queue using the qmail-qstat tool:

To remove the messages from the queue ALWAYS stop the qmail service first, to avoid having to reconfigure it again:

Once the service is stopped execute the following commands one by one (based on the number of files stuck in the queue, this may take a while):

Finally start the mail service and recheck the queue to ensure that all the messages have been removed:

I hope it will be useful!

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